7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO In 2016

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO In 2016

why-your-business-needs-seo-2016Business in Canada is not exactly booming these days. With the weak economy (and the alarmingly low Canadian dollar) spending extra money on SEO services is not exactly priority number one for many company’s.

The fear of the unknown when it comes to SEO prompts business owners to invest in “safer” advertising methods such as flyers, newspaper ads or online business listings.

Unfortunately for them most people today searching for a product or service are more likely to do so on their computer or cell phone. If your business in not being seen in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN) your business is already working at a disadvantage.

If this leaves you scratching your head to whether or not SEO services are worth the risk, here are the top reasons you are probably wise to invest in SEO services if you haven’t already.

1. People Use Google First: Once upon a time people used trusty old Yellow Pages (or other outdated forms of advertising) when searching for products or services. No longer. Checking out nearby restaurants or where to find the closest grocery store can now be done with a simple click. Google isn’t successful because it’s website is pretty to look at (far from it) but it offers a convenience that other forms of marketing simply can’t. People are busy and their attention spans are short, hence the reason search engines exist in the first place. The internet is a lazy person’s paradise which is why your business needs to be there if you hope to be seen by the majority of the general public.

2. Company Credibility: If your business isn’t found easily in local search results (and beyond) your customer’s first reaction will be why? Is this company not up to date with current technology? Do they not have the time or budget to compete with other businesses in their same industry? Maybe they are simply not interested in what customers think of them or not. Whatever the reason is if your business is not visible in search engines (or the appropriate social media options) it will be a red flag with many consumers. Whether it’s fair or not Google rankings are often looked upon as an unofficial ranking system separating top quality businesses from the average or mediocre.

3. Continuous Revenue: Once you attain a top page ranking in search engines (and have a reliable SEO service that can make sure you stay there) the earning potential you have is basically endless. Putting big money into a full scale flyer campaign or expensive radio advertising may work for a short time but it’s outreach won’t last more than a few days at best. A business however that is more “Google friendly” will typically get more leads and sales on a regular basis. SEO is a marketing tool that has the potential to pay for itself several times over once your online goals are achieved.

4. It’s Cheaper: Huh??? What??? God knows quality SEO services are typically not cheap but they are often much more affordable than your other marketing alternatives. If you analyze a successful company’s advertising budget the return on investment for SEO services is often much higher than any other form of advertising. Some businesses will employ a full time sales staff (making $50,000 annually plus incentives) who cost 5 times as much and product only a 5th of the results. This probably doesn’t scream sensible business to anyone trying to make the most out of their advertising resources.

5. SEO Is Not Just About Rankings: SEO has evolved tremendously over the years and it’s outreach goes well beyond just rankings alone. SEO services now take advantage of countless other internet marketing opportunities including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn), video and audio sharing websites, review websites, quality business directories and more. Any new traffic (and therefor customers) you gain won’t just be finding you through a Google search alone. A strong SEO campaign involves a full fledged marketing strategy that allow you to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

6. The Internet Will Only Grow: Some forms of marketing can be a fad, popular one day but gone the next. The internet however is not going anywhere soon and it’s influence will only grow with each passing year. No one likes to be a bandwagon jumper but when it comes to promoting your business your probably better off climbing aboard the train now before getting run over later. Whether your someone that embraces the latest technology or are more of an old fashioned thinker advertising on the internet will only become more important as time goes on.

7. If You Can’t Beat Em Join Them: How you market your business will depend largely on how your competitors do it. In advertising you don’t have the luxury of bringing a knife to a gun fight with any hope of success. Sticking to older marketing methods that are less effective and cost just as much will catch up with you eventually. Company’s however who wisely invest their advertising dollars in SEO know their chances of success long term are much better. You’ve probably heard the saying “work harder not smarter”. Bottom line SEO is a smart way to do business.

If you aren’t yet sold on the idea of hiring an SEO company consider testing the waters first. Hire an SEO consultant that can point you the right direction in terms of what your website needs to do to rank better in Google and other search engines.

SEO consulting services are typically a one time fee where you’ll get a top to bottom analysis of your website. You’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about what your website needs to compete in your market. They can often be your online guide so to speak that can step in when and if needed to make sure your SEO efforts stay on track.

If you decide however to take the plunge and hire a full time SEO firm understand that results won’t happen over night. Getting a first page ranking in Google can often take up to six months as the trust and credibility of your website must be built over time. Anyone who claims they can get results  faster will likely take your money first then worry about the consequences later.

Regardless of what direction you choose to go increasing your knowledge of SEO is always a wise idea for any business owner. The more you know about SEO now the more prepared you’ll be to seek out the right help once you are ready. Good luck!

Jeff Moyer – My Rank SEO Owner & Project Coordinator

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