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Top questions Clients Ask Us About Our SEO Services

Are you able to get my website on the first page of Google? If so how long will it take?

This is a natural first question people will ask and it’s a fair question. That will certainly be our goal and our intended end result although Google rankings can never be %100 guaranteed.  Getting to the top page of Google will usually take a lot of time and effort as there will be a lot of competition online. Remember many of the top sites in any search engine ranking may have been there for years so it won’t be as simple as simply pushing them aside.  Clients will start to see positive results fairly quickly but a typical time-frame could be 3-6 months (or longer) depending on the situation. No one job is the same as it pertains to SEO and will be a case to case basis.

Will getting a first page ranking in Google bring me a lot of new business or customers?

It will certainly be a big help and will often make a noticeable difference for most businesses. That being said the point of SEO is to bring quality traffic to your website and that is not done by your SEO rank alone. A big part of SEO is finding ways to bring customers to your website through a variety of means, not simply what someone punches into Google. A new customer can come from anywhere with your search engine ranking being just one of several factors. There is no doubt about the fact that businesses with websites on the first page of Google enjoy a BIG advantage over their competitors.

Will you do SEO work with my existing website or do I need a new one? Do you recommend I get a new website as well?

Yes we can work with your existing website and also your existing web developer if be. We will need access to your website to implement some SEO elements but the majority of the work is done through eternal sources. We will never try and talk you out of your existing website but we will give you our honest opinion on where it needs to be to sell properly. Getting traffic to your website is important but you must also convert that traffic to buyers. Having a professional, easy to navigate, information rich website is a must to maximize your SEO results. If we think your website needs help we will let you know but we can still accomplish a lot even if the website quality is not ideal.

I have heard horror stories about SEO companies who promise great things but then get no results or even hurt my website. How do I ensure this doesn’t happen with you?

Sadly there are a lot of cheap fly by night SEO companies who are out to take your money quickly then disappear at the first sign of trouble. Any company who promises you instant results is lying and you should steer clear of them as much as possible. We will explain the SEO process to our clients and help educate them on what work goes into getting a strong ranking in Google or elsewhere. There is no simple or easy way, it will require a lot of research and a strong gameplan to accomplish these goals. You will be able to see the work we are doing step by step along with the results as they happen. If you are not seeing the results you are not stuck to any contract and can leave at any time.

Do I need any services other than SEO to promote my website?

Strong SEO performance will help generate a lot of new leads and potential customers. With that being said the best marketing approach is not to have all your eggs in one basket. Combining SEO with paid or PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is a strong way to ensure you are being found on the net regardless of how people are looking. There is a also a lot of power in a sounds social media strategy tapping into the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest amongst others. We recommend you start small with one service first and add to it as results start to happen. From there the more you can do to get your name out there the better.

Top questions Clients Ask Us About Our Marketing Services

What kind of marketing services do you offer besides SEO?

Marketing your website online can be done in many ways that goes well beyond the scope of just SEO. In order to bring the maximum amount of traffic (and potential) customers to your website you want to tap into as many different options as possible. Along with SEO services My Rank also offers provides our clients services in social media promotion, popular directory listings and submissions, review websites such as Google and Yoast, Kijiji & Craiglist advertising, Google Adwords and other pay-per-click advertising, blogging and article promotion just to name a few. At the end of the day My Rank SEO is an online advertising agency where we show you all the possible ways to get your website seen online.

To you offer any kind of traditional marketing or advertising that is not done through the internet.

Yes! Although marketing online is probably the most effective way to promote your website that does not mean it’s the only way. Through our network of affiliates we also offer great deals when it comes to print advertising (posters, flyers, brochures) along with delivery or mailout services as required. We also have connections to several city newspaper publications and newsletters throughout all areas of Calgary. Whatever type of advertising you are considering we can certainly point you the right direction.

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