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Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Pay-Per-Click Advertising has become increasingly popular as it is a quick and easy way to be featured in Google (or other search engines) for your desired keywords. When a search engine shows search results it will feature both natural or organic listings as well as paid listings or ads shown below.

Organic SEO search results are built over time and there are only a handful of companies who will make it to the first page of Google with consistency. PPC however allows you to be featured on the first page of Google regardless of your natural rank in the form of a paid ad. You pay only when and if someone clicks on your ad under the search terms you you request in order to bring targeted traffic to your site.


Depending on “keywords” you want featured in your ad the price of PPC advertising will vary.¬†Although sometimes pricier results are instant and you can expose your business to many new customers fairly quickly. Below is an example of a Google Adwords ad as you’ve likely soon before whenever you visit Google.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is not just limited to Google but also Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitter and many other online possibilities. We’ll show you how to set up a proper PPC campaign and how to effectively gauge the results abased on user response.

Using PPC advertising as part of your online marketing strategy will help bring more customers to your website and increases sales for your business.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns will range in price as a regular monthly fee so contact us (403-374-2727) for more information on what options are available.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing When promoting your business online social media has played an increasingly vital role in how people learn about new products or services. People are very likely to “like” or “share” content they feel is interesting to their friends or colleagues so you can consider social media word of mouth advertising in a digital sense.

There are many various options when it comes to social media marketing so knowing which ones to focus on first can be a daunting task. We’ll analyze your industry trends and identify which social media strategies are likely work best in appealing to your core market.

Social Media Services We Currently Provide Include:

Google+: Having a strong presence on Google+ has become a cornerstone of today’s social media marketing. Not only will Google+ help you build your business network and connections but it will also play a pivotal role in your website search engines ranking results. Any business that wants to be successful online will want to do so through Google first.

Facebook: Everyone knows about Facebook and everyone and their dog has a Facebook account. We create valuable content for your Facebook business page and spread the word through ads, groups, likes, shares and any other way we can get word out about your business.

Twitter: Tweeting has become the popular past time of celebrities and many other high profile business professionals. Building a targeted and loyal Twitter following and learning how to network with others most likely to buy your product or service is critical for you success.

LinkedIn: Today’s top business network offers an endless supply of new business contacts and networking opportunities to be made. We’ll set up your LinkedIn profile and business page for success and will help you approach the people or companies that are most beneficial to your business.

Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the latest social media trends to take the internet by storm. It allows you pin and “repin” other people’s photos or graphics as well as your own in a fun easy to share format. We’ll show you how to create interesting and newsworthy content to gain more followers and exposure to your business page.

You Tube: We create informative videos for your business that educate your users about your area of expertise. These videos can then be promoted now only through Youtube but posted on your website, blog and other social media pages bringing more traffic to your website and awareness of your brand.

Building a social media empire does not happen overnight but it’s outreach is huge giving you a limitless supply of new customers to engage with. Social media when used effectively can be a vital part of your online business success.

Social media campaigns will range in price as a regular monthly fee so contact us (403-347-2727) for more information about what options are available.

Video Marketing & Promotion


YouTube has become the second most popular search engine in the world and is used regularly by millions of users. When people are looking to find information or a tutorial for help with a certain topic YouTube can be even more valuable than Google in terms of the service it provides.

For many individuals watching a video its much easier when learning as opposed to scrolling through pages of endless text. Creating an interesting and informative video will provide your company with endless marketing possibilities.

Valuable places you can market your videos include:

Your YouTube Channel: Start your own YouTube channel and be front and center when people are searching for videos based on your type of subject matter. Strong YouTube videos can attract thousands of visitors or even millions if they go viral.

Your Website: Websites with quality videos enjoy a much greater user response and click through rate from people visiting your website. If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth twice that and will make a big difference in how people perceive your website.

LinkedIn: If you want to capture your business network’s attention featuring a promotional video on LinkedIn is an amazing way to do this. Posting simply text or images can get lost in the shuffle easily but a strong video is much more likely to be noticed and clicked on.

Pinterest: Pinterest began by only allowing the sharing of photos but now video is an option that you’ll want to take advantage of. People share information they like on Pinterest moreso than any other social media platform and this is a great place for your video to catch fire with your audience.

PowerPoint Presentations: Add some excitement and flair to your everyday office presentations by integrating video which is implemented easily into PowerPoint.

Email Campaigns: When people send out emails they like to include their important business information such as their contact info and social media links in their signature. Adding a video to your emails is a true attention grabber that won’t be ignored.

Our team is fully equipped for all your video and production needs. We can create an exciting video about you, your business or any other information that may peak your customer’s interest. Video creation will vary based on the complexity of the project at hand but in most cases can be done very afford ably with effective results. Contact us for more information at 403-374-2727.


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