The Selfie-Stick Is Here! Take Better Selfies For Facebook & Instagram

The term “selfie” has been permanently etched in brains of modern culture referring to take a “self photo” usually done through a cell phone or ipad. Selfies are intended to be shared on social media through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media outlet where people are looking for a little (or a lot) of attention. The annoyance with selfies for many however have been the awkwardness of trying to hold you phone while trying to take that perfect snapshot. Or the fact that the pictures are so zoomed in that photos almost always result in an extreme closeup that it not always flattering.

Enter the invention that needed to happen the “selfie stick” which is already popular in Asia and is now making its way to North American shores. There is nothing fancy about the selfie stick per say it is exactly what the name implies. An aluminum adjustable rod that works very similar to any other tri-pod used for taking photos. If you have not yet seen a selfie stick take your first look at the image below…

selfie stick used with cameraExpect the selfie stick to sell out like nobodies business over the holidays and to be the next natural extension to the social media universe. They currently retail for various prices but you can currently buy a selfie stick on Amazon for a reasonably affordable $24.99. It is all but certain selfie sticks will eventually make their way to store shelves such as Walmart, BestBuy and others in the near future.

Selfie Sticks may also prove to be valuable in a business sense as well for people looking to take a professional picture on LinkedIn or post their image blogs or other articles. It is also proof that a brilliant invention does not have to cost to make or re-invent the wheel from a technical perspective. If you start to wonder how your friends are able to take all those great pictures in the future it might be possible that they had a little help!

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