7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO In 2016

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why-your-business-needs-seo-2016Business in Canada is not exactly booming these days. With the weak economy (and the alarmingly low Canadian dollar) spending extra money on SEO services is not exactly priority number one for many company’s.

The fear of the unknown when it comes to SEO prompts business owners to invest in “safer” advertising methods such as flyers, newspaper ads or online business listings.

Unfortunately for them most people today searching for a product or service are more likely to do so on their computer or cell phone. If your business in not being seen in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN) your business is already working at a disadvantage.

If this leaves you scratching your head to whether or not SEO services are worth the risk, here are the top reasons you are probably wise to invest in SEO services if you haven’t already.

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New Release Of Penguin Update 2016 Coming Soon – Real Time Penguin

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penguin-4.0-real-time-updateThe mere mention of the name Penguin in the world of SEO is enough to any webmaster shiver. They probably have a right to be nervous however as previous versions of the Google Penguin update (designed to penalize websites with low quality links) sent search engine rankings plummeting. This put many online companies on life support, or in certain cases, out of business entirely.

With the announcement of Penguin 4.0 now made official, this time in real time, one has to wonder what the effects will be for websites everywhere in 2016.

As long as you didn’t engage in any “naughty” link building methods however your website should be fine right? Hopefully the answer to that question is yes but Google updates are known to be unpredictable.

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My Rank SEO featured in Rescue A SEO Article

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rescue-a-ceoMy Rank SEO enjoys contributing to various SEO and internet marketing blogs throughout North America. Our company was recently featured in Rescue An SEO a popular online blog featuring SEO related news and tips.

The article is titled 16 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog For Business. Here various marketing professionals around the globe give their thoughts on why having a blog on your website is crucial for your online success.

My Rank SEO owner Jeff Moyer is included with 16 other authors giving his thoughts on what are the best reasons for using a blog in your online marketing efforts. We thank Rescue and SEO and SEO Nation for including us in their article.

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SEO Trends & Predictions 2016 – Experts Weigh In

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top-seo-trends-2016The one guarantee you have when working in the often complicated world of SEO is the learning never stops. It has become the job of any SEO professional to stay on top of current trends or risking falling behind against your competitors.

2016 will be no exception as there will be plenty and twists and turns along the way on route to gaining a top ranking in Google and other search engines. 2015 was proof to the fact that the term “content is king” is no longer a cliche marketing phrase but the official standard going forward.

With Google being successful (for the most part) in eliminating spam and low quality content the days of acquiring cheap backlinks in bunches are all but extinct.

With rumors however circulating about the roll-out of new Panda and Penguin updates in 2016 many are speculating what the effects might be for web developers everywhere.

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AdWords Or SEO – Which Is The Better Fit For Your Business?

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adwords-seo-comparisonAny business looking to promote their business online knows they have one of 3 options. One you try your luck adding your website to every online directory imaginable such as the Online Yellow Pages and hope for the best. A lot of companies will try this option first and after typically poor results they move onto options 2 and 3.

Option 2 is pay-per-click advertising which is not only limited to Google Adwords but also other mainstream options such as Bing or Facebook ads. There is certainly a lot of success to be had here if done correctly although the price usually isn’t cheap for any industry with a lot of competition. Of course with Google being the dominant force in anything internet marketing related Adwords is often your best hope for success.

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Biggest SEO Ranking Factors of 2015 – Matt Cutts Video

matt cutts blog - seo ranking factors 2015You have probably read a lot of articles throughout 2015 discussing the biggest factors that effect SEO rankings. Although experts will always have their various opinions it’s still nice to hear things directly from the horse’s mouth every so often. The horse’s mouth in this case is Google’s head of spam Matt Cutts who is at the moment considered the biggest authority on anything SEO related.

Below is a not so recent video featuring Matt Cutts (head of Google’s spam team) giving his direct answers to many common SEO questions in 2015. Here he confirms many of the current SEO beliefs and theories out there and goes into interesting detail on several popular topics. Although much of what is said in this video is not considered new information it still may offer clarity to those trying to get a better grasp of what Google is looking for when ranking websites.

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How To Easily Identify Do Follow Or No Follow Links

seo-book-toolbar-smallWhen chasing high authority backlinks for your website its a big time saver to be able to quickly identify “do follow” links from “no follow” links. Although it’s been proven that no follow links also carry a degree of value when it comes to SEO rankings a do follow link will pass on it’s link juice to your website therefor giving it a much more significant boost.

Fortunately the free tools at make this a simple and non-tedious task where searching through lines of code is not necessary. You can download the SEO Toolbar free of charge (once registering for an account) which provides a feature that lets you locate all no follow links on any web page with a single click.

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20 Steps To A Properly Optimized Web Page

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how to optimize web pageWhen embarking on any SEO campaign optimizing your web pages for maximum performance is a key step which is often overlooked. Although external factors suck as backlinks and social shares play a major role in your overall search results your first your goal (after conducting the proper keyword research) is to get the on-page stuff correct.

How your optimize each page of your website will serve as your official game plan of what results you are hoping to achieve in Google. Missing some (or many) of these steps is the equivalent of trying to build a house without having a proper blueprint in place.

Fortunately optimizing any page of your website is not rocket nor is it overly labour intensive if you follow a few basic guidelines. We’ve provided you a simple easy to follow checklist (complete with a reasonably attractive infographic) to help point you the right direction!

How To Backup Your WordPress Website

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wordpress backupWordPress continues to grow in popularity with each passing year with close to 75,000,000 WP websites currently online worldwide. You can’t deny the many advantages WordPress provides including easy setup, a built in updating system and countless SEO friendly features. Sometime it’s hard to figure out why anyone wouldn’t use a WordPress website for their business, that is, until something goes wrong.

Whether your website stops working properly due to the latest version update or a plugin that doesn’t agree with your chosen theme WordPress sites can be glitchy even in the best of times. Worse still once one of these errors occur (even for more experienced web developers) troubleshooting the problem can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It’s always wise to backup your WordPress frequently to make sure any of your recent work isn’t lost or worst case scenario you receive the white screen of death and your website stops working entirely. Backing up your website can feel a little bit more complicated than it should be but once you get the hang of  things it’s a simple couple minute process.

13 Most Common SEO Mistakes of 2015

top 13 seo mistakes 2015We chose the unlucky number 13 when creating our list of the top SEO mistakes for the 2015 calendar year. The world of SEO can be a complicated place even for those who work in the industry as search engines are always changing and evolving daily.

Trying to summarize every possible SEO mistake that can occur is an impossible task but we’ve included our personal favorites that any SEO friendly website should be aware of. Also be sure to check out the feature article at the bottom of the page courtesy of where 34 top SEO experts also weigh-in with their opinions as well….

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SEO Facts Vs. Myths 2015 – Separating Fact From Fiction

seo myths vs factsSeparating SEO fact from myth is sometimes a challenge for even the most knowledgeable of SEO experts. What works for one SEO pro may not be as effective for another and they all are likely to have their strengths and weaknesses when marketing a client’s website.

With that being said we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite SEO myths along with our own two cents regarding how true they really are…or aren’t. Keep in mind our opinion is just that and we go against popular SEO folklore on more than one occasion.

Since we can only speak from personal experience only we welcome you to share your experiences as well in the comment section below:

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SEO Glossary – Terms You Should Know But Were Afraid To Ask

seo glossary terms and definitionsWhether you are an SEO newbie or expert learning all the terminology relating to search engine optimization can make your brain hurt. We’ve compiled a list of some the most common SEO terms you are likely to encounter on your road to improving your SEO IQ.

Please note not every SEO related term is included here just the ones you probably should know if you don’t already. They are listed in alphabetical order with a non-technical easy to understand description.

We will be adding to this list in an ongoing basis so if you see a term or definition we are missing be sure to let us know!

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Where and How To Learn SEO As a Career

The world of search engine optimization has always been a fascinating industry due to the fact it’s not always learned in a typical matter. Whereas most careers come as the result of attending college or university SEO has always bee a bit of a different animal.

Where and How To Learn SEO As A Career

The Value of No Follow Links In SEO

no follow linkIt has been a highly debated topic for many years whether or not “No Follow” links have value in regards to SEO and your website’s overall search ranking. Some experts will say a “no follow” link cannot pass any link juice to your website or cannot effect your website Page Rank in anyway.

Others will say despite what you hear there is also plenty of evidence to support the fact that “No Follow Links” can and do have SEO value to your website. While a No Follow link may not directly affect your SEO ranking the same was as a follow link it can still lead to many things that will result in an SEO boost.

The Value Of No Follow Links In SEO

Understanding Google’s Updates and How They Effect SEO

Being an SEO professional is a more difficult job than ever before due to the changing algorithmic updates Google implements each year. The last couple of years have seen perhaps the biggest changes to date with Panda and Penguin updates (among others) that sent many websites spiraling out of control in terms of search engine rankings.

Understanding Google’s Updates and How They Effect SEO

The Top SEO Trends of 2015

 2015 should prove to be an interesting year for SEO experts (and companies) everywhere who continue to battle their way to the top of the Google mountain. There has never be a more dramatic shift in how SEO will be done moving forward due largely to the Penguin and Panda updates that turned the SEO world upside down in 2014.

Top SEO trends of 2015

Quick Ways To Recover From Google Penalty

Okay so there is probably no “quick way” to recover from a Google penalty despite what the title of this article implies. Finding an overnight fix to recovery will not happen but there are some steps you can take to help accelerate the process. These steps do not have to be overly complicated or technical like some SEO experts would have you believe.

Quick Ways To Recover From a Google Penalty

SEO Checklist For Beginners – How To Start Your SEO Campaign

Jumping into the world of SEO can be a daunting task for those who don’t know what to expect. There are so many different variables that factor into a successful SEO campaign and one scenario is different from the next. Fortunately if you are not sure where to start there are some simple rules you can follow that will help point you the right direction.

SEO Checklist For Beginners – How to Start Your SEO Campaign

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